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loomeweight :

is an interdisciplinary durational performance piece created by Patricia Auchterlonie and Hester Dart. This project revolves around the creation of an Iron Age style warp-weighted loom made from a simple wooden frame hung with found hagstones (rocks with a single hole worn by the sea). The loom provides the framework for the creation of a tapestry is woven from ‘trash’ or rejected and broken items (e.g. plastic bags, rope, discarded clothing etc). While working, traditional weaving songs are passed between two voices, undergoing microchanges as the project unfolds. These improvised changes will involve very gradual shifts in rhythm, melody, and microtonality, as well as experimental vocalisations and other non-sung materials.


The installation is designed to be a marathon piece which slows down the making process utilising pre-industrial, slow techniques and focuses on micro-changes and irregularities. Through this slow endurance, loomeweight critiques and questions mass production within late stage capitalism. It also references directly the historical gesture of singing and weaving as a paired pursuit and explores the close relationship between these practises and folk culture / ancient histories.  The project highlights the failures inherent in a system which promotes marketability and consumption over the sustainable processes of creating and community building. There is also exploration of the omnipresent theme of ecological collapse through the re-use of thrown away objects.

We will perform the piece in March of 2024 as part of Eavesdropping Festival at Cafe Oto, and then begin touring the piece around the UK during the summer. We are currently confirmed for Nozstock Festival in July. If you'd like to hear us at your festival, please get in touch!!




a sampling of the sorts of gifts we are dreaming up!

inspiration for the project:


the warp-weighted loom

a Saxon loom weight in the windsor museum


greek weavers working on a warp-weighted loom, as depicted on the side of a vase

Waulking the tweed: a fabric-related folk process with group singing and improvisation


Loomeweight @ Bonnington Cafe

24.05.24, 11:00 - 14:00

Loomeweight @ starptelpa festival

30.05.24 - 02.06.24, venues around Riga

Loomeweight @ Nozstock Festival


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